Preface for the First Edition of BIBMIB, published in (then) Metallography Vol.22, #2, March 1989 pp.123-176:
"This bibliography lists books relating to materials microscopy and includes information on author, title, publisher, publication date, ISBN, and principal topics. The subject matter is arranged by keywords, and glossaries for English, French, German, and Portuguese are included. Each glossary is arranged alphabetically. There is, of course, some redundancy between keywords; an effort has been made to use the most general description. So, e.g., "microscopy" includes several types of microscopy, and a book described as "optical microscopy" does not deal with electron microscopy. BibMic consists of two parts: Part I is alphabetically arranged by first author and includes all available information on the entry, as well as all pertinent keywords. Part II is a list by keywords and returns the first line of each retrieved record. Even though the listing is primarily oriented to materials microscopy, some items in the biomedical area are included; in such cases it was judged that the reference would have implications on materials, or else both subjects are included in the same volume. Books written in English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish are included. In general the coverage is more complete for books published after the 1940s. The present version (August 1988) includes 518 references, and the author was quite surprised by the number of items identified - at the beginning of the project, it was not realized that the literature was so abundant. Even so, there are certainly many more, and the author would be grateful for information to render the listing more complete."